Mariner Solutions

The Mariner Solutions program was created to familiarize new associates to the firm with the breadth of internal resources available to them, all with the ultimate goal of delivering a superior experience to the client. For your time spent in the Mariner Solutions program, our ultimate goals are as follow:

  • Provide you an introductory overview of all Headquarters support functions and connect you to key contacts within Advisory Solutions departments
  • Familiarize you with all of Mariner Wealth Advisors’ resources, focusing on Advisory Solutions
  • Create an opportunity for you to connect and network with associates from other Mariner Wealth Advisors locations
  • Provide you with actionable steps to take back to your clients

Practice Management 

The Practice Management team is an internal resource available to wealth teams to disseminate and encourage the utilization of available tools, initiatives, processes, and specialized knowledge within the firm. Responsible for facilitating a variety of training and educational resources, the Practice Management team oversees Mariner Solutions programming and is available to help you with a variety of best practices collected from across the firm. 

Mariner Wealth Advisors Client Experience


The objective of facilitating a case study discussion is to encourage you to think through the various ways you can implement and support different Advisory Solutions into your workflow and practice. In advance of our meeting, please do the following:

Follow the link to the case study materials

  1. Read through the ‘Mariner Solutions Case Study’ Document, taking notes on the Parkers as you go.
  2. Write out answers to the ‘Questions for Discussion’ at the conclusion of the fact pattern.
  3. For the call itself, be prepared to discuss the fact pattern and questions in depth, as well as how to apply the various Advisory Solutions groups. We will be asking individuals on the call directly for their input.


The marketing team at Mariner Wealth Advisors oversees the firm’s strategic marketing efforts and determines the methods used to convey the Mariner Wealth Advisors brand internally, to clients and the general public. The marketing group also has oversight of the Advisor Toolkit, event planning for clients and prospects, as well as a myriad of other marketing and advertising endeavors throughout the firm.

Advisor Toolkit

Mariner Insurance Solutions

The Mariner Insurance Solutions group facilitates the review, analysis and structuring of client insurance and annuity products for wealth teams across the country. With the ability to analyze and shop the market for available policies, and consult on existing client scenarios, the insurance solutions group can provide clients with solutions that are a best fit for their situation, both now and in the future.

Advisory Solutions Spotlight – Insurance

Sample Personal Insurance Proposal

Insurance Solutions Talking Points

Tax consulting

The Tax planning & preparation teams work with wealth teams to provide a centralized location for clients to have tax returns and projections completed. Working with wealth teams, the tax group also helps to proactively plan around taxable transactions for clients, giving additional value to the services already provided by the wealth teams.

Tax Planning Services

Advisory Solutions Spotlight – Tax Planning & Preparation

Advisory Solutions Talking Points – Tax Consulting

Trust & estate planning

The Trust & Estate Planning group works directly with wealth teams and their clients to assist in all matters of estate planning, administration and review. For advisors that have worked with their clients throughout their lives, the Trust & Estate Planning group can help bridge the gap into the next generation, allowing advisors to continue a client’s legacy long after they’re gone.

Advisory Solutions Spotlight – Trusts & Estates

Trusts & Estates Talking Points

Mariner Capital Advisors

Mariner Capital Advisors is an investment banking and valuation advisory services firm available to wealth teams at Mariner Wealth Advisors to provide added value and services to executives and business owner clients. Their mission is to be an advocate for clients in providing guidance and support during their company’s most important business transactions and for advisors, to act as a resource and point of contact for those same types of transitional client events.

Mariner Capital Advisors Homepage

Mariner Capital Advisors Talking Points

Retirement Planning Solutions

The Retirement Planning Services group provides services and expertise for employers looking to better the financial wellness of their employees through the provision and administration of various retirement savings accounts. In much the same way a wealth advisory team acts as an advocate for clients, so too does the Retirement Planning Services group in their approach to providing education, guidance and support to employers and their employees looking to save for their future.

Retirement Planning Solutions Overview

Types of Retirement Plans

Investment Group

The investment management group provides investment education, expertise and advice to advisors and wealth teams in order to help clients achieve their goals while managing risk. By handling sometimes time-intensive tasks centered around investment selection, portfolio allocation and trading, the investment management group provides a crucial service in freeing up advisors to research planning solutions and form bonds with clients. 

Investment Management Group Page